Alcohol Rehab in California

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Do you ever ask yourself about your drinking problem? Maybe you’ve thought about seeking out an alcohol treatment centers because you have started to notice how your addiction is affecting your life. Perhaps you are here for a loved one who has a problem with alcohol and does not know how to reach out. Admitting the problem is the start of a happier and healthier life. It’s a harsh fact to face, but you’re far from alone, as many people suffer from alcoholism.

In fact, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, or SAMHSA, on average, 2.3 million Californians per year admitted to abusing alcohol between the years 2009–2013. Unfortunately, the same research shows that only 8 percent of the 2.3 million received alcohol abuse help. This means that 92 percent of 2.3 million Californians were not ready to receive the alcohol abuse they needed.

United Recovery Project is available to anyone seeking help and wants to change their life for the better. Call us today and discover one of the best alcohol rehab centers that will meet your needs and budget. We want to be with you every step during this difficult time.

Symptoms of Alcoholism and How Alcohol Rehab Can Help

The progressive nature of alcohol addiction is the paramount symptom of alcoholism: maybe you began out drinking as a weekend warrior and drank heavily on weekends. You did not think you were an alcoholic because you had a stable job, never drank at work, and paid your bills. After one weekend of heavy partying, you are hungover and decide to take a drink to take the edge off. Six months after that, you find yourself a functional alcoholic. You drink prior to work and come home to drink every night after work.

Addiction is a progressive disease. It will take from you until you have nothing left to give. The following are symptoms of alcoholism and are telling signs that you should go to a alcohol treatment center for alcohol abuse treatment.

Symptoms of alcoholism include:

  • Stealing to afford alcohol
  • Missing work to recover or going to work drunk
  • Arguments and discontent with family members
  • Drinking and driving
  • Feelings of guilt or shame after drinking
  • Anger, hostility, and even violent outbursts
  • Depression

Symptoms or signs of alcoholism can be disastrous if not addressed. Alcoholism is a progressive disease, meaning your addiction may become stronger, and your life will get worse the more you drink. If you get help from one of the best alcohol treatment centers, you will recover from your alcoholism and start a new life free of addiction. It is essential to start recovery from alcoholism at an inpatient rehab center. The dangers of alcohol withdrawal can make detoxing from alcoholic substances potentially fatal if not managed and treated by medical professionals.

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